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Whether you want to enjoy your accommodation in either room plan or apartment plan, book online now in Bungalows Es Pins through our Emar Hotels official website. On our official website you will always find the best price guarantee on all our accommodations in Formentera. Choose the days and people of your stay and instantly get detailed information about our availability and prices. Book with the confidence that you are staying with a prestigious hotel chain like Emar Hotels.

Not only do we offer the best price guarantee but, in Emar Hotels, we also provide offers and discounts for a limited period that will make your stay cheaper. Find the cheapest accommodation on the island with Emar Hotels and enjoy and unforgettable holiday in a wonderful and peaceful place.  Just 300 metres away from Migjorn beach, the widest beach on the island, and with all conveniences within reach.

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During your booking process you will be able to choose an accommodation plan. In our Bungalows Es Pins we have a fantastic restaurant that allows us to offer various accommodation plans: room only, room and breakfast, half-board room and full board room. Everything is designed so you can fully enjoy your holidays. Benefit from all conveniences and discounts that Emar Hotels offers and book with total confidence. You will receive a full booking confirmation on the spot so you can start planning your trip while staying in Bungalows Es Pins in Migjorn, right in the heart of Formentera.

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Bungalows Es Pins is located in Carretera Ca Marí, s/n, in Migjorn. Located just 300 metres away from the widest beach on the island, these fantastic bungalows are the perfect choice for those wanting to enjoy a few days in a natural environment. In order to get to our facilities, take PM-820 road from La Savina and then take the exit towards Avinguda del Ca Marí, just past Sant Ferran village. Book your stay now with Emar Hotels in Bungalows Es Pins at the best online price and discover Formentera.

Bungalows Es Pins

Crtra. de Ca Marí s/n

07860 Ca Marí,


Tel: (+34) 971 32 82 91

Mail: info@espins.es

Lat: 38.689584

Lon: 1.462852


Start planning your next holidays and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Book your apartment before 28/02/2021 and you will get a 15% discount on the final price.


Terms and Conditions:

  • A 30% prepayment is required.

Cancellation policies:

  • Cancel free of charge up to 30 days before your arrival.
  • During the 30 days prior to arrival, the penalty will be the deposit previously paid.